Why To Spend On Solar Panel

People using utility connection are being burdened with electricity bill according to recent research. According to Australian Energy Regulator’s latest report, the average amount for overdue residential electricity bills hit a record $776. Solar Power in Australia leads the world in terms of residential roof-top solar system. The popularity of Solar System have increased the demand of renewable energy firm but there is lot more way to go. People still thinking grid connection a major source of electricity.

solar panel sunshine coast

Undoubtedly, the Solar panel system is becoming the primary source of energy. Rather than using electricity from the network, you should prefer Solar panel installation and here are few reasons why to spend –

Alternative Source Of Electricity

Solar Power System is completely dependent on Sun. Solar panel installers set Photovoltaic panels on roof and when Sun comes up, these Solar Panels get charged and convert it into electricity. You can store these electricity in Batteries to use when needed. It is widely being used as an alternative source of energy but popularity and hefty electricity bills will soon make this system primary source. It is very useful in areas where standard electricity is not available.


Save Electricity & Money

If you are using electricity from Solar Power for your home purpose on regular basis rather than regular utility grid connection, you are definitely saving nearly $500 a year. Increased rates of electricity are compelling lots of people think about alternative which is cost efficient. Hybrid system is the perfect set up for your need. With Solar Panels, battery banks are always connected to store electricity and further should be connected to an inverter that can provide your backup when needed. An expert always suggest you for the Hybrid System because if any how Solar Panel doesn’t charged, you can use electricity from regular connection as an secondary option.

Hybrid Solar System


Knowing the benefit of Solar system installation and electricity consumption, people are most likely to use electricity from Solar system as a primary source. It save electricity, it save money for you.


Feed In Traffic

Spending in Solar Panels is beneficial not only to save money but you can actually supply electricity if generated more than you are using. In several states in Australia like Queensland Government Solar Bonus Scheme pays homeowners and businesses 8 cents per kWh which encourage people out there to install more Solar Panels. There is Solar Bonus Scheme called Feed In Traffic (FIT) for common people by the Government to reward homeowners and small customers. You can sign up the scheme to get benefited.

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