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With electricity prices on the rise and millions of Australians now living in homes with solar photovoltaic (PV) systems on their rooftops, there has never been a better time to consider going solar. But, with the varied range of products and retailers on the market, being an informed consumer and doing your research has also never been more important. It is pretty confusing when it’s come to buy solar panel for your home or commercial place. This guide assists householders with their solar system purchasing decisions and provides an overview of the installation process.


DO Market Research

Before you decide to go for solar panel installation, it is always important to know what do you need? will that be worth for you? How much you should spend etc. You should know There are various types of Solar Pv System available in the market e.g –


Solar PV System

GRID-CONNECTED SOLAR PV SYSTEMS is one of the most common solar panel system being used in entire Australia especially in Queensland whereas the GRID-CONNECT WITH BATTERY BACK-UP SOLAR PV SYSTEMS comes with battery backup that referred to as uninterrupted power supply or hybrid solar.

Stand-alone systems are not connected to the electricity grid and typically are installed in remote areas where there is limited connection to the grid, or areas of low electricity demand.

The prices also varies for different three units. You can call for an expert who can make you understand better about its practical uses and even how can you be benefited from government subsidies. There is an scheme called SMALL-SCALE TECHNOLOGY CERTIFICATES (STCS) that help reduce the upfront cost of installing your solar PV system. For better knowledge visit here –


Contact Qualified Electricity Expert

Before you agree to have a Solar PV System installed, its is also important for you to understand what will happen to your electricity traffic and your electricity bill if you have install solar Panels. Better you should contact qualified Electrician to find out about what Feed-in Tariffs are available and how Solar power installation will affect your current electricity tariff and carefully weigh up the advantages and disadvantages before making a decision. Remember Feed-in Tariff differs for different state in Australia.

Solar Feed-In Tariff Australia

Get The Plan For Your System

Once you have discussed and decided to get Solar Panel installation done, It is important to buy a solar PV System and before your make your selection, a try to talk to different Solar retailers. Looks for various available options and get the quotations. Get some idea from local people or known person who already have installed a unit. Always cross check the reputation of the seller in the market. Check whether they are approved seller by CLEAN ENERGY COUNCIL by visiting their official website. (Visit – ). And finally It’s time to understand about your requirement and selection. You must read all the document before signing the contracts.


Install Solar Panel on Rooftop

Now is the time for Solar panel installation. Though Solar panel installers will get the job done, you should understand how this will be done. Connect your Solar PV System to the Grid that involves two simple steps –

  1. Making an application to connect your system prior to installation (where required), and
  2. A meter change/re-configuration and connection to the grid.

The Solar panel installer will usually arrange connection of your solar system to the network on your behalf, including preparing and submitting all relevant documentation required from the electricity retailer and/or distributor for meter installation and connection to the network. Remember, most distribution companies require pre-approval to connect to their network. This should be done prior to sale and installation. Depending on the size of your system and the characteristics of the local grid you are connecting to, the technical requirements of your distributor may vary. Your existing meter will either need to be reconfigured or replaced by a new import/ export meter before you can connect to the grid.

solar panel maintenance
Maintain Your solar Power System

After solar panel installation, it is the time to save money on your electricity bills but you need to make sure that your systems is maintained time to time for efficient usability and safety. Get the inspection done from your Solar retailers or you can also contact local solar panel maintenance service provider.

Save energy, Save  money with Solar Power system!

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