How To Maintain The System After Solar Panel Installation

The responsibility of solar installers is not finished after solar system installation only. Proper maintenance and servicing of solar panels are important. While living in sunny weather, rains might not be grand cause behind these servicing but dirt will play its tricks. If there is enough dirt gathered on solar panels then it will even hamper the system on the whole. The power level will fall continuously to invert energy into electricity as there will be less amount of energy gathered from Sunlight.

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Basic guidance for maintaining solar panels:

It is for only those cases where the user can reach panels from ground level. There are some panels installed on a very low level after calculating on directions of best areas to obtain sunlight. In those cases, solar panel maintenance is easier. Some of those maintaining ways are as mentioned below:

  • If the place is dustier than other areas then more frequently a service or maintenance will be required. The easiest way to clean those dusts is by rinsing with garden hose. But being careful is must as if the panels are hot then rinsing it with cold water will crack them. The best time for cleaning them by this method is either on early morning or after evening when those panels will be cool.
  • There are some specific panel cleaners that work automatically like sprinklers. One of them is Heliotex system. They can be installed for cleaning solar panels. But for this matter, the user must contact a professional solar installer. They will know if that is even applicable in that situation or not.
  • The user can clean panels with soft, spongy and delicate squeegee also. Applying some soap water is good. But after cleaning it this way, rinsing with fresh water is necessary.


Maintaining solar Panel professionally:

Those methods mentioned above are good as long there are panels closer to reach from ground. But for higher solar panels, such as on roofs, contacting professional installers is absolutely necessary. It will be dangerous if tried by one untrained person. They are trained in inspecting the cause behind low efficiency of those solar panels. With proper usage of safety gears, they will clean solar panels with accordance to the client’s requirements.


Solar panel maintenance is required after 6 months usually. Periodic check on those solar components is essential to increase its lifetime. If the client wants then there is specific installation of digital monitoring with solar system. That way the user will know if there is any problem for short electric supply from solar system. The professional solar installer will guide on appropriate monitoring system to acquire.


Information on warranties:

Generally, after deciding for solar system installation, any user should go through warranties with their solar equipment and installers. It will help in maintenance if there is any malfunctioning unit found in system. There are basically, 5 years of installation warranty. The user can upgrade this time period up to 20 years. There are 10 to 20 years of manufacturing warranty, including output warranty. Solar system inverters have usually 5 years of warranty. These warranties come in handy as if there is any problem during installation warranty period then the solar installer will help with their own responsibility.

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