How New Tariffs Affect Solar Users In South Australia

Solar panels are a relatively new set of technological advancements which is ready to take the world by storm, leave alone Australia. These panels do a wonderful job by harnessing the solar energy preserved in the rays of our sun and convert the collected energy into electricity. This is a very proper means to generate clean electricity and the fact that it is quickly becoming the preferred source of electricity is of course no longer a matter of surprise. Australia has been seeing these solar installation technology taking over thermal electricity sources and the citizens of Australia know that this is the best for the country. Recent news ((Read News source: from Australian Energy Regulator (AER) on SA Power Networks tariff structure will boost solar users and businesses in south Australia. The New tariffs for electricity networks that will take effect in 2017 helping consumers to make better decision. 

New Solar Panels Installed

What advantages do you get?

  • Solar panels are hugely efficient when it comes to saving cost on electricity. My personal research conducted in Sunshine Coast region found solar panels to be reducing nearly $84 worth of expenses on electricity.
  • The Government of Australia is providing a large number of tax benefits as well as federal benefits for all those who have installed solar panels in their homes. These have been proving to be quite beneficial to me personally.
  • Rising prices of fuel is a huge concern, especially in Australia. Solar panels may be expensive but they practically cost nothing in order to provide electricity to your home. Thus, this would be a great consideration.
  • Solar system installation at residential and commercial places has shown a huge positive impact on the environment so far. Installing solar panels at rooftop can reduce carbon footprints of the related home to near about 35,000 pounds of carbon dioxide on a yearly basis. Had this decrease been achieved by trees then it would require the work of around 90 trees working together and a whole lot more time.

So, advantage is not only enjoyed by the person installing solar panels, but also the entire environment around him.


Information that helped me to set up Solar system installation:

An in- depth knowledge about your region and neighborhood would be extremely useful and come in handy if you wish to install solar panels in your home.

  • First you need to know how much sunlight your neighborhood enjoys throughout the year. Australia is a sunny place, having nearly 300 days of sunshine is a quite favorable place for the installation of solar panels. I have been using solar panels in Sunshine Coast for quite some time and I have realized that good sunlight is extremely necessary.
  • Consider staying in touch with professional solar panel installers in order to take good care of the solar panel. Entire equipment is extremely expensive if bought from good providers and maintenance is risky. It would be best not to do anything yourself but call for professional help.


Australian Energy Regulator (AER) board member Jim Cox has said that his organization will be making attempts in order to encourage more people to adopt this technology. South Australia heads the ranking in solar panel installers and this should be the case everywhere in Australia. With continued support from Australian people, it has been possible to cover in excess of 1.5 million homes with solar panels and many more are yet to come.

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