Solar Power Installation

Looking at Grid Connect?

The most common solar panel installation on your property is grid connection. With this system you have Photovoltaic panels on the roof which are connected to an inverter/inverters which is then connected to your main switch board. This will distribute electricity to the loads in the household as it’s needed, if there is not enough solar to support your loads you will import electricity from the grid.

On the other hand, when there is excess electricity being produced from your Solar Panel Installation then you will export to the grid and receive a feed in tariff of around $0.06 per Kw/Hr.
There are no batteries on this system and therefore you will not have any battery back-up if there is a blackout.

An important question to ask before installing a grid-connect system is, do you want to add batteries in the future? And if so do you want to have battery back up or just self consumption?

There are two types of grid-connect systems available to you:

String Inverter

The panels create DC electricity from the sun and send it via a DC cable to the string inverter which will convert it to AC electricity for consumption in your house. The panels on the roof are arranged in strings of 4 to 12 panels in series and most inverters have two inputs.

If you have one or two roof aspects that are free from shade and face East, North or West then this system would be suitable for you.

We can install a 5Kw (20 x 250 watt panels) system on most houses with minimal fuss from Energex. Larger systems can be installed after an application process through Energex which can take up to 65 business days if approved.

Green Energy Electrical will install your preferred inverter at a competitive price but with first-hand knowledge and experience we recommend either SMA or Sungrow.

Sungrow offers the best value for money and paired with the right panels will compete with any price. The Sungrow inverter is the best performing inverter, Chinese made, they have stood the test of time while all the others inverter’s have come and gone. The monitoring system they offer is very user-friendly and there is also a Hybrid version that will work with the LG Chem battery for a load shifting or self consumption application.

SMA is the pioneer in the solar inverter market, German made and with wide-spread installation they are considered one of the best on the market. SMA has a low failure rate and if you’re planning on staying at your residence for five years or more then this inverter will be a safe bet for any changes in the future. The other benefit of the SMA system is it’s compatible for use with Lithium, Gel and Lead acid batteries with the addition of the Sunny Island inverter charger for 100% self consumption or complete off Grid application. It’s extremely user-friendly where you can monitor your energy consumption with Sunny Portal, energy meter, home manager and Cluster controller.

Micro Inverters

Micro inverters are located under each panel and converts the DC electricity from each individual panel into AC electricity which is sent to the main switch board where it is distributed. The advantages of the micro inverter system is that there is no one point of failure, for example if one panel fails then the system continues to work without that panel.

They also have great application in shaded areas, since all the panels work individually from each other when one is shaded it does not effect the rest of the string. Fire safety would have to be the best advantage of this system as each inverter works on 40 volts DC as compared to 400 Volts DC which is the main cause of roof top fires.


When it come to Solar panel installationGreen Energy Electrical has been installing Enphase Solar Panels for the past four years with out-standing results from existing client. With over 500 inverters installed and not one warranty claim is testament to there 10 year warranty.
Enphase are also offering a 1.2 Kw/Hr LiFePo battery pack which can be scaled to achieve 100% self consumption and added to your system at any stage. The monitoring is free and very detailed. Green Energy Electrical will be notified of any error or service messages via email from the monitoring system which reduces the down time of that one panel.

Pricing & Products

risen sungrow

Sungrow/ Risen 270 watt system

3.24 Kw                          $3100

5.4  Kw                           $4900

5.4 Kw Hybrid Ready  $6500




Fronius/Risen 270 watt system

3.24 Kw                          $4800

5.4  Kw                           $5500



Enphase Solar Panels

Enphase/BenQ 310 watt system

3.41 Kw                           $5200

4.65 Kw                            $6800

5.9  Kw                            $8500


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