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Why choose a hybrid solar system?

The traditional choices for solar on your house has been either GRID CONNECT or STAND ALONE SOLAR which both have their advantages and disadvantages.

With the improvement of Inverter and Battery technology you can now have the best of both worlds, using the sun for power and the grid as backup.

In this situation your solar system works the same as a grid connected system but instead of exporting your excess solar back to the grid you would store it in a battery bank.

Solar Engergy

The disadvantage of a GRID CONNECT system is that when the sun goes down you have to pay for your electricity from the grid at a ever increasing price. And the disadvantage with a STAND ALONE SYSTEM is that the battery bank required for the storage of all the energy required to run your household is expensive along with the extra cost of the inverter/charger.

On the other hand, with a HYBRID system you only need enough battery storage to get your household through the night until the sun comes up when your solar system will kick in and start supplying the house and recharging the batteries.


It’s worth noting, that some of the HYBRID systems will not supply battery back up when the grid fails, you might think “why have batteries when I can’t use them in a black out?”. The reason is that you are trying to reach 100% self consumption and the fastest economic payback possible. Installing a system that will supply power to your home for a day or two would be expensive with the batteries needed as well as the extra gear required for off grid systems.

SunGrow offer their SH5K HYBRID inverter that is compatible with the LG Chem Lithium Storage solution. This system comes with 6.4Kwh of storage, 5.7 Kwh usable which can be expanded to 12.8Kwh storage. This inverter can be used as a standard GRID CONNECT until the time is right to add the battery.

Enphase offer their AC battery which can be retro fitted to any existing solar system. They come with 1.2 Kwh of storage and can be scaled to any size. The chemistry of this battery is Lithium Iron Phosphate which does not have the safety concerns such as overheating and explosion.

SMA Offer their Sunny Boy/Sunny Island option which we can coupled with the LG Chem battery, this will support battery back up.

Every HYBRID system needs to be tailored to your individual household needs, Contact qualified Solar Installer Sunshine CoastSteven Pilcher today to organize a no-obligation quote for your energy needs.

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