Solar System Installation

Did you know over 1.5 million home owners (and sky rocketing) have joined the solar energy revolution?

Green Energy Electrical is an industry leader in Solar System Installation on the Sunshine Coast. From the first point of contact to the installation of your solar system you’ll be dealing with owner and qualified electrician, Steven Pilcher, every step of the way. Rather than enlisting a national solar company where installers regularly change, by choosing locally based Green Energy Electrical, you’ll receive a personal one-on-one experience from an electrician and accredited solar installer who understands the industry inside and out and takes the time to explain it to you in person. With one point of contact, Steven will give you honest, straightforward advice, help with complicated paperwork and select the best possible solar components on offer to ensure a quality solar system.

Solar Made Simple

There is a lot of trade terminology and fluctuating government incentives surrounding the solar industry that can be confusing at the best of times. Here at Green Energy Electrical we go out of our way to de-mystify the solar world so that you can make an informed decision about your solar system.
We pride ourselves on solar systems installation that reach maximum performance resulting in systems being paid off faster and reduced electricity bills.

The Process

Owner Steven Pilcher will visit your property to assess whether your home is suitable for solar, review your current electricity bill and explain the varied solar systems available to you. Keep in mind, we won’t recommend a system if either your roof or surrounds (shading of trees) will affect the efficiency of your system. Upon site assessment Steven will send through a no-obligation quote on a tailor-made solar system best suited to your home or business. Once the quote is accepted (50% deposit must be made on acceptance of the quote), an installation day will be organised.
As to not interrupt your home or business life, the installation of your solar system will take no longer than a day (weather permitting). Once installed, Steven goes out of his way to explain the inner workings of your inverter and the best way to care for your panels for long-term durability and efficiency. Steven makes sure that you get best Solar panel service as per your need.

If two million Australian home owners believe installing solar on their home is a good idea, then what are you waiting for? Contact Steven from Green Energy Electrical for a free measure and quote.