Solar Panels Installation

How to service and maintain your solar system?

The servicing and maintenance is the most important part of owning a solar panel system. It doesn’t matter where you live and how much rain you receive your panels will always have a build up of dirt on their surface. This build up will decrease the efficiency of your system and should be cleaned off at least every 6 months. There are a wide range of possible issues that can arise so it is important that you get a trained professional to inspect all aspects of the system. We do not recommend you climbing on your roof without training and safety gear.

Call Green Energy Electrical for Solar Panel Maintenance here. We will organize and clean your solar panels at your convenience.
With the introduction of digital monitoring on {most} systems it’s now possible to be informed instantly of a problem with your solar system as it happens which leads to relative short down times and loss of production. Ask Green Energy Electrical about the monitoring systems that can be utilized for the different brands, most of them are free once you’ve purchased your solar system.

At Green Energy Electrical we pride ourselves on quality installs and back it up with a 5 year installation warranty, which means that if there is a problem within warranty we’ll be more then happy to find a solution. All the solar panels carry a 10 year manufactures warranty and 25 year output warranty. All inverters carry a 5 year warranty except Enphase which have a 10 year warranty, ask Green Energy Electrical for upgrades to you warranty as most offer 10, 15 and 20 year warranties.