Solar Panel Sunshine Coast

Looking to upgrade your solar system? 

Have you had solar installed a few years ago and noticed that your electricity bill has been creeping up every quarter? Or you’ve heard about the Tesla Battery and considering either adding batteries to your system? Or you’re wanting to increase the number of solar panels to help cover the cost of increasing electricity prices.

Rest assured, Green Energy Electrical can help.

If you are on the 44 cent feed in tariff, which finished in 2012, then you can ADD more panels to your roof, but you’re not able to increase the size of the inverter. If, for example, you do increase your inverter size your feed in tariff will be reduced to 6 cents. If you are on the 44 cent tariff then the economics for adding batteries does not stand up as you would also lose your existing tariff. The best scenario would be to reduce your power consumption during the day to maximise your export.

Adding extra panels

When adding extra panels to an existing system there is still a Government rebate avaliable. Small technology certificates (STC) are created whenever you add new panels and since there is no inverter in the cost, your installation cost will be very low. If you are on the 44 cent tariff the pay back for adding panels is as low as 1.5 years.

Adding batteries

If you wish to add batteries to your existing system this all depends on the inverter you have installed. Some inverters will work with the addition of extra products but some will have to be replaced as they are not be compatible with all battery equipment.

Every solar installation is site specific so please contact us for a free measure and quote.