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Why go Off the Grid?

You may be in the situation where it is to expensive to connect to the grid or you wish to get off the grid due to increased utility prices. Recent advances in energy storage and inverter systems have seen a reduction in prices.

Stand-alone photovoltaic power systems (RAPS, SAPS) are electrical power systems energized by photovoltaic panels which are independent of the utility grid.

These types of systems may use solar panels only or may be used in conjunction with a diesel generator or a wind turbine.

In stand-alone photovoltaic power systems, the electrical energy produced by the photovoltaic panels cannot always be used directly. As the demand from the load does not always equal the solar panel capacity, battery banks are generally used. The primary functions of a storage battery in a stand-alone PV system are:

  • Energy Storage Capacity and Autonomy : To store energy when there is excess and provide it when required.
  • Voltage and Current Stabilization : To provide stable current and voltage by eradicating transients.
  • Supply Surge Currents : to provide surge currents to loads like motors when required.

The first important step to off grid power is to determine the cost of connecting to the grid and comparing that to the cost of a stand alone system.

Stand alone Solar Panel Installation systems vary greatly in size and price and this is largely due to the energy storage component. Determining the load and days of autonomy on a stand alone solar system will determine the size of the battery bank.

Due to varying consumption of individual households, Steven from Green Energy Electrical will inspect and individually calculate your load profile to design a system that suits your energy requirements. Click here or Call – 0421 162007 to organize a suitable time for Steven to visit and assess your property.